Millars prayer points – May 2016

  • Please pray for all these people who have all had open conversations with us about Jesus over the past months:
    Carmen C, Veronica, Domingo, Juan, Isaac, Juan Jesus, Carmen G, Shannon, Caprice
  • We want to continue to speak about Jesus and see him bring each of them to himself.
  • Please pray for revival. We have a real sense that God is moving here and stirring hearts. Pray that we will be in tune with God’s whispers and act on them. Pray that his Holy Spirit sweeps through this city.
  • Please pray for Tyler as she finishes school this month and sits her university entrance exams from the 1-3rd June. Pray that she will get into the course she wants. (Architecture)

SBCE Prayer Points – May 2016

Prayer & praise points from Melanie

  • Praise God for his work in the yr 11 students and their initiative to approach me, pray for the instigation of a lunchtime group and all that will entail.
  • Give thanks for the support I have in the TAS staffroom and from the Deputy.
  • Give thanks for the various different Christian teachers who have made themselves known to me and have been encouraging and supportive
  • Praise God for his goodness in how he equips and encourages especially when it’s needed.
  • Praise God for the work he’s already done in softening the hearts of the school administration in their openness to have a lunchtime group and pray that he will continue to work to open more doors to have SRE run the way it should be in the school.
  • Pray boldly for the salvation of the Principal and Deputy and pray that I will able to be a good witness to them both
  • Pray that the students in my classes will be aware of their changing scripture timetable and will remember to check when scripture will be on and come to class on time.
  • Pray for the year 8s and that they will be more settled in class.

Pray for Jenny as she teaches and helps care for her father and the family at this time of his illness.

SBCE Fundraiser – 7 June

SBCE Coffee & Cake 2016

Support Scripture in our local high schools at the SBCE Coffee & Cake Fundraiser on Tuesday 7 June from 7-9pm.

Come along to hear live music, enjoy unlimited coffee and cake and hear from inspirational speakers.

Held at Soul Revival Church, 40 Flora Street, Kirrawee – Tickets: $15/Adults, $10/Students & $35/families.

Phone 0418 643 037 for more information.

See here for more about the important work of SRE teachers:

Mission Minute: May Update

We recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary and were excited to look back at the year that had been. We’ve had some great times of joy, some significant times of sadness and some times where we’ve felt overwhelmed by everything we’ve had going on, but God has stayed faithful throughout it all. How have you seen God’s faithfulness recently?

“Do you want my old ipad?” Nicolle’s brother, Marcus, casually said as we were back in Sydney over the Christmas break. “I guess we could probably use it on campus sometimes” we thought, and gratefully took it. A week later we were at our national missionary conference and Nicolle was challenged to participate in an on- campus trial using an evangelism tool called ‘The Parting Gift’, a short Jilm developed by our Jilm strategy in Melbourne. Knowing that she now had a handy iPad, she agreed. Fast forward 4 weeks and Nicolle was trying to reach her goal of using The Parting Gift 20 times by the end of March. Out on a usual hour of evangelism with her team leader, Taryn, Nicolle approached a young Australian girl named Olivia to share The Parting Gift.

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Bible Translators needed in Vanuatu

There are millions of people in the world that are forced to read the Bible in someone else’s language. Many of those are our neighbours. Ross & Lyndal Webb are campaigning to see if they can’t change the situation in Vanuatu where there are more than 60 languages that need Christian brothers and sister to go & help them translate the Word of God into their languages.

Check out their website:

webbs the islands wait