Webbs sent the NT to print! 30 years in the making…

Hello friends,


Thanks for your countless prayers and assurances after we wrote a couple of weeks ago in some desperation. Well, wouldn’t you know, God answered yours and our prayers in a pretty nice way… yesterday I got to press the button and send the files for Lewo New Testament off into the blue for final checking before somebody sends them to the printer!


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JBCE Newsletter – Celebrating 40 years!

Our annual SRE Supper this year marks two significant milestones. We’d love ex- students and prayer supporters to join us on the night as we give thanks and pray for this important local mission field.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Jannali Schools Board and SRE in the Jannali High schools.

The first classes began in 1976 after a group of local churches came together to form a

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Webbs’ request for prayer

Dear friends,

Just a short update on progress for your prayers. Life hasn’t moved at the rate we thought it would over the last month or so. i.e. we haven’t got done what we wanted to have done by now, two weeks before we go back to Epi island for a 6 week stay.

Our idea was that by now we would have two Epi New Testaments typeset and sent away to the printers. The expert helper came and went. I got my help from him, but it became obvious that one of the NTs wasn’t going to make the grade this time round – the translator has a restless urge to keep changing the spelling and form of many, many words… he’s had to be put on hold until September. That’s the Baki language.

So with one down, it should have been easy to get the other one – Lewo – off the computer and to the printers, right? No such luck. The long time advisor to these languages started reading through the output and came up with corrections. I can understand that, and cope with it. But his rate of reading hasn’t been rapid. He has other more pressing jobs. In fact we still have about 25% to be read over by him… I have my finger poised on the keyboard… they are freezing over… no, it’s the tropics… must be age…

Tomorrow we begin a two week workshop. We aren’t running it, thankfully, but it is important – vitally important perhaps. Fifty of us (10 SIL advisors and 40 local people from many different languages) will be participating in a “Culture meets Scripture” workshop where we will work out–using Scripture and analysis of each participant’s culture–what is good and worthy in the cultures, where Satan has been hoodwinking, and how local Christians might respond to what they discover.

We are also living in hope that during these next two weeks the last 25% of the Lewo NT corrections might avalanche in, we get them entered, the text finally massaged into a beauty to behold, and be sent off. God willing we will be on Epi in two weeks and 1 day, but from our perspective much in the next couple of years, hangs on getting at least this NT off to the printers, and even returned in time for a December dedication. High hopes!

Can you pray with us, please(!), that we will happily accept the sovereign hand of God who promises to work all things together for the good of those he loves. You get the idea of the direction we would like the sovereign hand to take 🙂

Thanks for being there, and praying!
Ross & Lyndal