Jannali High SRE update

SUPPORTERS SUPPER 2016 celebrated 40 years of supporting SRE for Jannali High School students!

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• After the 1959 Billy Graham Crusade the Combined Churches Association (CCA) was formed so that the churches of Jannali & Sutherland could continue to associate for times of prayer, celebration & outreach. • In 1975 Paul de Plater (Paster of Oyster Bay Baptist Church, President of CCA & an ex-Jannali High student) had the idea that the churches should be represented by & support professional Scripture teachers in the Jannali High Schools. This lead to the creation of the “Jannali School’s Board of Christian Education” who first met on 20 October 1975.

• Because many students were missing scripture the Board had the following 5 objectives:

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