Sylvia Jeanes – Rainbow of Hope newsletter

The Principal’s Message

Instilling knowledge, dispelling darkness is a vision of Rainbow of Hope. This can effectively be done only in the context of harmony. What then is best online casino harmony? How might it be achieved?

H—Harmony can only be achieved in the context of and upon the foundation of love. There is no room for hate at Rainbow of Hope. We do all in the context and foundation of love.

A—Action is needed. Harmony doesn’t happen automatically. We all need to help one another.

R—Race. Thoughts of racial superiority need to be put aside. The team of teachers at Rainbow of Hope includes Suluks, Chinese, Kadazans, Indians, French, Indonesians and Australians working together in unity as symbolised by the Rainbow.

M—Multicultural, Multilingual, Multireligious. Culture, language, and religion are not boundaries but stepping stones to the discovery of each other’s richness.

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