Prayer for the Webbs

Dear praying friends,

Today we finish our time of training with Luwi, Epson, Norman and Joshua. It’s been a good few days of reading slowly through Philippians (well Chapter 1!),and reading another book about what the Bible says about the Spirit world and other things to prepare for the start of Trenem Tingting tomorrow. It’s been a great 3 days of discussion about serious things!

We’d appreciate your prayers for the 8 participants travelling from other islands; planes, trucks, boats – always good to see the whites of their eyes. Continue reading

Happy New Year from the Adams Family

We live in a country where, because of the use of a different calendar, we get to celebrate New Year twice! In September last year we ushered in 2009 on the Ethiopian calendar and of course on the Western calendar we have just welcomed 2017. Our prayer for our family is that this year will continue to draw us closer to God and we pray that for you too!

To update you on matters from the last prayer letter, Krisha had a very productive trip to the USA in October/November, visiting 7 universities and talking with education students about serving God in international Christian schools. We are now in regular contact with around 140 students at various points in their tertiary education – please pray that God will bring some of those into service as missionary teachers. Brad continues to work on fundraising for our new Elementary (Primary) school building. He will travel to the USA to attend a Christian schools conference and do some fundraising there in February. Continue reading

Finding a home among the homeless by Anne Lim

The despair and grief of ministering to homeless youth almost overwhelmed Kylie Zietsch when she first went to Johannesburg ten years ago.

The young teacher who had grown up in the safe, monocultural surrounds of Sydney’s Sutherland Shire was deeply affected by the plight of the AIDS orphans she met on the streets of the South African metropolis.

“It was such a weird thing, stepping into this world which was so different from my own. Initially I felt really overwhelmed,” she says.

“A lot of the children have lost both parents to AIDS, so I’d be meeting kids who are 12 and they’d be crying with  me, telling me their stories and how they miss their mum, and yet at the same time I knew that some of them were quite violent to other kids on the street.  Continue reading

News from the Webbs – December update

Dear friends,

It struck me the other day, that we’ve been blessed over the years by Christmases more than any other village experience. How could it be? Nothing profound except that the season in both our PNG translation years, and the past month here in Nikaura have given us the pleasure of exposure to the wonders of God’s rescue through Scripture in ways that don’t come so easily living in the rat-race. Our PNG village Christmases stood firmly on a week of morning and evening services from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve with progressive Scripture readings that moved from age old promises and ended with eager anticipation of the return of Jesus in the same way he went – but this time riding a white horse,  Continue reading