Final greetings from Ethiopia

Our time in Ethiopia is rapidly drawing to a close! We are currently in the throes of transitioning work tasks, sorting and selling our belongings, many meals with people dear to us and organising events to help our children say good goodbyes. It’s very surreal!

As we enter the last month of our service in Ethiopia, we’ve been thinking a lot about change. Some people love change and for others change is something they dread Continue reading

Thanks for your prayers…

Dear friends,
A quick report on the past week since we asked you to pray!
The week didn’t exactly go as planned… but it was good. It rained, organisation wasn’t quite together, and only 2 or the 10 people we expected turned up! However God had other plans for the course, I guess. The Christian community who was hosting the workshop was eager on the first day to “observe”. They turned out to be the participants. They were excellent – throwing themselves into all we had for them, including the pastor of the area who admitted that he was humbled and challenged by various things he learned, but kept on attending. We had elders, women’s leaders, a youth leader, Sunday school teachers and run of the mill parishioners turning up pretty consistently every day.
Loui and Epson excelled themselves too, giving us hope that before long they could do a week long course of that ilk by themselves. Beauty!
And the brooding volcano (Yassur) was awesome!
So thanks for praying,

Prayer request from Ross & Lyndal…

Lyndal and I are going to Tanna tomorrow morning with Loui and another ni-Vanuatu trainee trainer (Epson) to run a followup workshop for all the guys on Tanna who have been through the Trenem Tingting (Critical Thinking, Bible understanding) course in past years. Apart from it being a refresher, we hope that the course will be a test too of the material that we hope will become a stand-alone short course that the Trainers can run with on different islands.

Could you pray for logistics – they’ve been out of our hands… it will be a nice surprise to see everybody ready and rearing to go! Since we will working in a village (not ‘town’), it would be nice if the rain kept at bay too. God knows all our needs. He’s probably heard more of our wishes!

Also pray for the open minds and hearts of the men (seems there will be people turning up too, that have never done the initial courses). We hope to hit hard on some Bible themes during the week, not the least of which is how Scripture should impact our culture.

One more:  For the next 5 week, 3 Lewo speaking men will be working on the script for the “single narrator” version of the Jesus film. This is no mean task! It will then be checked by the community later next month when we arrive back on Epi.

Thanks for your interest and prayers,

Ross & Lyndal