Webbs update – June 2017

Dear Friends,

We wanted to say a quick hello before we take off for Epi where saying these sorts of ‘hellos’ to lots of people at once is a bit limited!  Our plan is to settle back into village life next week and then for the next couple of months do what we can to further encourage the Lewo speakers to really get stuck into their new New Testaments. There’s the local school kids, there’s the Girls’ Brigade group, there’s Sunday school, and church services, and family homes, and daily men’s chats under the ‘community tree’. All of them, and probably more, are potentials for reading, listening and learning from God’s Word together. We need wisdom to know how to best use our time – all those things I just listed could happen in one, or all of the 7 Lewo speaking villages. And then there’s the ‘youth’ – how is it best to connect with them? Thanks for praying for what at times feels like an overwhelming task.

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