Webbs update

Dear friends — for whom we are ever thankful for your ongoing prayers,

Thanks for praying for Eden and Esther, Paul and Beth’s twins born last month. They are home now and doing well though still in the ‘fragile’ stage!

We are thankful to God for more opportunities to talk/read with people about the clear distinction God makes between things of the world and things of His Kingdom. Following a couple of deaths in this village and another, the stories suggesting Satan’s control are plentiful! Please pray that God’s Spirit would show people what it means to truly be His child.

A week in Baki speaking land last week – but still no New Testament. Again we’d ask you to pray that God would help Robert to find time and inclination to complete the read through that we are waiting on.

We plan to head back to Vila on 1st September to lead another training workshop starting on 11th – we’d appreciate prayers for a smooth change of gears!

Love from Lyndal & Ross

SBCE Prayer Update July 2017



         Opportunity to meet the new SRE teachers…Jarrod and Steve
         NSW Government support for SRE in the past and at present
         11,000 SRE teachers across NSW – 500,000 students doing SRE


         200,000 students not yet offered SRE
         Improved timetabling for Scripture in 2018 at Kirrawee and Gymea Technology High Schools
         Christians to share about SRE benefits, blessings to friends, family, church

SUPPORT – JARROD & STEVE by coming to the…..
COFFEE & CAKE Evening on Wednesday 6th September at 7.30 pm at Soul Revival Church, 40 Flora Street, Kirrawee.
$15 Adults and $10 children.

Donaldson Download: A New Semester


Nearly 12 months ago we started thinking and praying about whether we could consider moving to St Lucia when our lease ended (July this year). We wanted to be closer to campus for Nicolle, especially once we found out we were having a baby. Our hope was that we could move somewhere walking distance from the university, where students could easily visit us and Nicolle could easily get to campus with a baby.

Moving close to UQ would allow Nicolle to continue some ministry on campus after Continue reading