Ross and Lyndal update – July

Dear friends,

When was the last time your kid was excited over a potato? I got to go to a garden the other day with my friend Dolcy and her kids. I couldn’t help marvelling over Loren and her brother Manita being so excited when they spotted a ready to harvest yam. Telling their mum to keep out of it, they dug and dug, revealing numerous long skinny yams. Loren was already dreaming of roasting hers on Sunday night over the fire. Maybe we should get back to simple pleasures?  Continue reading

Jenn Phillips thank you…

I just wanted to drop you all a note to say how thankful I am for all the support you’ve given me over the last year – but especially in the last term. As a board you have gone above and beyond in your support and encouragement of me and it means a lot to know I have a team of Godly servants making sure the train stays on the tracks (so to speak!).
In particular, I have been touched by the additional support I have received these have truly been far greater than what is necessary for a board to provide. These range from the personal conversations to check in with my wellbeing, to the kind providence of my needs (my new iPad), the financial support you provided during my prac placement, and the kind gift of a meal out, which David and I are looking forward to enjoying soon!

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A new brother in Christ

A new brother in Christ!

Andy and the UQ team leader, Pete, went out to chat to students about their thoughts on spiritual things and they met Gene. Gene had a close friend who was a Christian, and over the years of observing him and the way he lived his life, Gene came to really respect this friend and wanted to live like him. He started going to Church with his friend semi-regularly and was really enjoying learning more about God. As Andy and Pete talked with him, they got to share the Gospel with him and asked him whether he had actually made a conscious decision to follow Jesus. He said he hadn’t yet, but that he wanted to. Continue reading