August update from Jo-Ann

This term we have been reading through the book of James in our discipleship groups. For some members, it is the first time they have read this letter. I have found it a joy and privilege to read the Bible alongside sisters and brothers in the Easy English, Mandarin and Persian groups. Observing how these believers, both new and old, value God’s word as a precious treasure to delve into, dwell on and live by, makes me realise how I can tend to take this great treasure for granted. Continue reading

Kylie’s August update

Spring is on the way- my favourite time of year! It’s beautiful as the icy mornings are getting less cold.

I have an unexpectant opportunity to go in September for two weeks to the UK to get some help in the creation of the counselling and pastoral care course. My boss Nat’s mother is an experienced counsellor and teacher and has offered to help Thuli and I in the writing of this course. I am excited to be able to get some help and to partner with her and the Christian counsellors she works for. Continue reading

Millars News – July

Hi Guys,

It seems like just the other day that we emailed about 180 opening and yet it was a few months ago. Although there is a brief rundown in the update I thought I could share more details with you. Feel free to share this with others it’s just hard to keep the update short and sweet.

It has been a crazy few months with exams for Reid and Tyler, planning and running a Pioneers Conference for Spain and Portugal as well as the end of year activities in the academy. We are relieved that we can now slow down a little. We had a trip to the UK which was wonderful. We spent 4 days in Wales with Lindsey at her parents’ house which was a real blessing, attended a family wedding and also completed a Pioneers security training course that was made mandatory for all PI workers. Although it was more relevant to people working in more volatile countries it was good to do some first aid and self-defence exercises. Unfortunately, Tyler couldn’t come as she had some re-sits.

Reid and Tyler have both got summer jobs, Tyler is working in a cafe called Raw Coco and Reid in a restaurant called El Palacio as a waiter. We are super proud of them to be breaking the mould as their friends all think they are crazy… it’s not the norm. We hope we can still make the most of the time together as a family in between shifts.

Reid is in the throws of deciding what to do come September. Although he got great marks in both the Spanish system and the IB he didn’t get into the course he wanted to. He was really disappointed but is amazing how he can move on and look to other options. Straight away he looked at Sydney uni cut off marks and realised that he can get into most courses with his IB results. That as reignited his thought of returning to Australia to study. I feel so nervous about that idea, I’m not really ready for that to happen so please pray as we work through the options together. He did get into IT Engineering but Maths was his first choice.

I hope you are all well and we’d love to hear any news.

Love to you all

Leana and the gang


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