180° Opening

We have just uploaded this video to YouTube and thought that maybe you’d love to see it.
We have open doors this coming Friday and Saturday and our first activityon the 4th of May.
We are so excited knowing that this is all happening and want St John’s to really celebrate with us and pray with us as the doors open!
The first images in the video are from 6 years ago when we began activities and then shows the building work that has been undertaken during the past 4 years.
Through it all we have seen God’s faithfulness and trust that his timing for this time is perfect.
Below is a youtube link and the open doors poster that we have been handing out!
Leana and Andrew

Ministry Update March 2018

It has been a busy start to the year at St James Berala, with lots of work taking place – including moving and repairing our demountable kids ministry building, making new concrete paths and installing a new kitchen and (soon) disability access ramp (with the help of a NSW Gov grant!). New student ministers have joined us, there’s been a wedding and a new baby, lots of visitors and some new church members. We’ve started having the Bible read on Sundays in a language other than English (rotating each week) in addition to English. Praise God!! Continue reading

Mission Minute: May Update

We recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary and were excited to look back at the year that had been. We’ve had some great times of joy, some significant times of sadness and some times where we’ve felt overwhelmed by everything we’ve had going on, but God has stayed faithful throughout it all. How have you seen God’s faithfulness recently?

“Do you want my old ipad?” Nicolle’s brother, Marcus, casually said as we were back in Sydney over the Christmas break. “I guess we could probably use it on campus sometimes” we thought, and gratefully took it. A week later we were at our national missionary conference and Nicolle was challenged to participate in an on- campus trial using an evangelism tool called ‘The Parting Gift’, a short Jilm developed by our Jilm strategy in Melbourne. Knowing that she now had a handy iPad, she agreed. Fast forward 4 weeks and Nicolle was trying to reach her goal of using The Parting Gift 20 times by the end of March. Out on a usual hour of evangelism with her team leader, Taryn, Nicolle approached a young Australian girl named Olivia to share The Parting Gift.

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Mission Minute: December Update

WOW! What a crazy two weeks! Imagine this: you pull up into the car park, it is busy but not packed. You think to yourself “it doesn’t seem that bad. Everyone said it would be a crazy party, but this seems Dine” and then you walk out of the car park and down to the main street of Surfers Paradise, the centre of the
high school leavers celebrations. Suddenly you can’t make head from tail, people are EVERYWHERE. There are people running around, hugging each other, drinking, dancing, yelling, screaming and living up the ‘good life’. It is like nothing you have seen before. It isn’t dangerous, you aren’t scared, but you are overwhelmed. And then you are sad.

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A Fresh Start

afs_new_265-2John Chapman introduces readers to the Jesus he has loved and served for over 50 years. He explains what a Christian is, how to become a Christian and how to begin a new life through Jesus. This is a classic book that is well worth a read if you are exploring what it means to be a Christian.

The Millar’s Christmas Newsletter

Ten years…can you believe it? On the 30th of October we celebrated 10 years in Gijón and what a faithful God we can testify to. If only we could list His provisions, His timing, His testing and His control in all situations you would see that the God we serve is faithful. After 10 years the Millar family have been joined by Lindsey and the Griese family which is an amazing blessing. Lindsey has joined us already speaking Spanish and is involved in the academy and 180º. Jim and Ilma are learning the language and will seek what God has for them here. Please pray as we continue to build relationships with one another Continue reading