What should I wear to church?

St John’s is a welcoming community, we are focused on getting to know each other and supporting you on where you’re at. So come dressed in whatever makes you feel comfortable, this may be casual clothing or a nice shirt, we won’t mind. Let you be you!

Will my children be looked after?

St John’s has a wonderful community with many families. During the 9:45am Sunday service kids programs run at the same time, catering for ages 1 to grade 5. More details about these programs can be found on our kids page. Every Sunday during the 9:45am service there is a registration desk out the front of the main church building for children to pick up a name tag. You are always welcome to ask the leader there, or contact our church office for further information.

During all services at St John’s Sutherland, a cry room with an audio feed is available for you to use, however your children are more than welcome to stay with you during the service. For further information please contact our church office or go to our kids page.

Do I need to bring a bible? What translation do you use?

Reading the bible is an important part of our church life together. In our church services, the English NIV 2011 Bible bible is read aloud and displayed (on the projector screen). There are English NIV 1984 bibles for you to borrow during church services, found in the church foyer before you enter the main auditorium, please help yourself. We encourage our regular members to bring their own bible to church. If you have your own please feel free (and comfortable) to bring it along. Come and read the word of God with us, whether that be by listening, reading along or bringing your own copy.

What should I expect if I come to a Sunday service?

We understand that coming to church for the first time, or even just coming to a new church can be a daunting experience. At St John’s we will endeavour to make your time with us comfortable.  On any given Sunday there is always someone to welcome you at the door and point you in the right direction. Throughout the service we sing praise to God, read the bible and hear a talk based on what we have read. We also hear about what is happening in our church community and pray about local and worldwide happenings. Throughout the service we stand, sit and talk but it is all centered on being a community that glorifies God. We care for and support each other in all that we do, so feel free to participate in what you want and ask questions about things you may not understand. We are all in this together.

How is you church financed?

St John’s is apart of the Sydney Anglican Diocese (the wider Anglican church) but we do not receive funding from them to operate. Everything we do and everyone we employ (church staff) is supported and funded via the giving of church members. St John’s sometimes applies for and receives community grants. The money received from these grants is used for specific purposes that benefit the community of Sutherland. If you’re a guest at St John’s we do not expect you to give any money, just come and be part of our community.

How accessible is your church for those with limited mobility or who have a disability?

St John’s is continually finding ways to cater for those with limited mobility or disability. Here are some of the ways we currently cater to those needs:

  • Easy access seating (which is movable).
  • Main building entry with an accessible ramp and a portable accessibility ramp for all other buildings.
  • Large print song books.
  • Hearing (telecoil) loop.

If you have a question or suggestion please feel free to contact our church office.