Sutherland & Jannali Board of Christian Education

I just wanted to drop you all a note to say how thankful I am for all the support you’ve given me over the last year – but especially in the last term. As a board you have gone above and beyond in your support and encouragement of me and it means a lot to know I have a team of Godly servants making sure the train stays on the tracks (so to speak!).
In particular, I have been touched by the additional support I have received these have truly been far greater than what is necessary for a board to provide. These range from the personal conversations to check in with my wellbeing, to the kind providence of my needs (my new iPad), the financial support you provided during my prac placement, and the kind gift of a meal out, which David and I are looking forward to enjoying soon!

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Teacher’s Report – Term 1 2018

The year is still young so there isn’t much to report, but there is always much we can be praying for.

Please give thanks that the year 7 class sizes are holding strong at present. Only a handful of students/parents are opting out of class. Please pray this remains the case. (read more…)



         Opportunity to meet the new SRE teachers…Jarrod and Steve
         NSW Government support for SRE in the past and at present
         11,000 SRE teachers across NSW – 500,000 students doing SRE


         200,000 students not yet offered SRE
         Improved timetabling for Scripture in 2018 at Kirrawee and Gymea Technology High Schools
         Christians to share about SRE benefits, blessings to friends, family, church

SUPPORT – JARROD & STEVE by coming to the…..
COFFEE & CAKE Evening on Wednesday 6th September at 7.30 pm at Soul Revival Church, 40 Flora Street, Kirrawee.
$15 Adults and $10 children.

Thank you to all Supporters of Scripture in High School (SBCE). God is at work!

We praise God and are thankful for the generous donations, for good relationships in our High Schools and our new SRE Teachers – Jarrod and Steve.

Lovely news is that

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Prayer points sent to me by Jarrod McNaughton :

There are still difficulties at the school. A year wide science test happened Friday for example that took all the year 8 students without me even knowing. These things have made it hard, but there have been

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