Happy New Year from the Adams Family

We live in a country where, because of the use of a different calendar, we get to celebrate New Year twice! In September last year we ushered in 2009 on the Ethiopian calendar and of course on the Western calendar we have just welcomed 2017. Our prayer for our family is that this year will continue to draw us closer to God and we pray that for you too!

To update you on matters from the last prayer letter, Krisha had a very productive trip to the USA in October/November, visiting 7 universities and talking with education students about serving God in international Christian schools. We are now in regular contact with around 140 students at various points in their tertiary education – please pray that God will bring some of those into service as missionary teachers. Brad continues to work on fundraising for our new Elementary (Primary) school building. He will travel to the USA to attend a Christian schools conference and do some fundraising there in February. Continue reading

JBCE Newsletter – Celebrating 40 years!

Our annual SRE Supper this year marks two significant milestones. We’d love ex- students and prayer supporters to join us on the night as we give thanks and pray for this important local mission field.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Jannali Schools Board and SRE in the Jannali High schools.

The first classes began in 1976 after a group of local churches came together to form a

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Christian jargon often doesn’t translate in any meaningful way for our society, or even for our own members. Much of our language needs unpacking and explaining. One such term in the Christian church today is ‘holiness’. What does the word ‘holy’ mean?

Our understanding comes from God’s own character. He repeatedly calls Israel to ‘be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy’ (Leviticus 19:2). His holiness refers to his complete moral perfection. In God there is no sin, evil, or compromise. He is, and always will be, faithful, true, good, and merciful. To be holy therefore means to be like God – perfect! Holiness also has a second meaning in the bible; to be set apart for special use. So a library is a building set apart to house books, and a teacher is a person set apart to teach students. These are the two ways the bible speaks about holiness.

This means we have a problem. Because we are far from being morally perfect, and fail to meet our own standards, much less God’s, we lack holiness. Why is this a problem? As we see today in the book of Joshua, this sets us apart for destruction. In his holiness God cannot tolerate our lack of holiness; our sin. The trouble with God’s holiness is that it demands holiness from us.

What a joy it is then to discover the word of grace that comes to us in Jesus. By his sin bearing death, that we’ve celebrated at Easter, Jesus has ‘become for us wisdom from God– that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption’ (1 Corinthians 1:30). What we lacked Jesus has provided. Now all who trust in him are washed from their sin, and made clean in God’s sight, and are set apart for holiness!