A new brother in Christ

A new brother in Christ!

Andy and the UQ team leader, Pete, went out to chat to students about their thoughts on spiritual things and they met Gene. Gene had a close friend who was a Christian, and over the years of observing him and the way he lived his life, Gene came to really respect this friend and wanted to live like him. He started going to Church with his friend semi-regularly and was really enjoying learning more about God. As Andy and Pete talked with him, they got to share the Gospel with him and asked him whether he had actually made a conscious decision to follow Jesus. He said he hadn’t yet, but that he wanted to. Continue reading

Donaldson Download – April


As you know, Joshua entered our family a few months ago. We had a very rough start with some significant feeding difficulties, lots of tears and being confronted with the reality of the overwhelming task of parenting, which nothing can prepare you for! Thank you for all the messages of encouragement. We are very happy to report that things are much better now. Joshua is a happy and content little boy, who is learning and growing at a very fast rate. He has already been on 6 plane rides, 2 work trips and has met a lot his friends and family. Continue reading

Donaldson Download: A New Semester


Nearly 12 months ago we started thinking and praying about whether we could consider moving to St Lucia when our lease ended (July this year). We wanted to be closer to campus for Nicolle, especially once we found out we were having a baby. Our hope was that we could move somewhere walking distance from the university, where students could easily visit us and Nicolle could easily get to campus with a baby.

Moving close to UQ would allow Nicolle to continue some ministry on campus after Continue reading

Welcome to 2017!

We are back from our wonderful overseas adventures! We had a very fruitful and restful time and are so thankful for the opportunity to take the trip! Being away for so long has meant that we have had to hit the ground running in coming back to Brisbane so that has been a little bit overwhelming and busy, but we trust that God will give us the energy to get through.

One of the greatest parts of travelling was being able to visit so many friends and ministry partners. It was also exciting to experience different cultures and weather. One of the real highlights though was

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Donaldson’s – That’s a Wrap!

That’s a Wrap!

Semester has finished for the year and so has our mission trip to the Gold Coast (Schoolies). Read below to hear about the amazing things God has done, as well as our summer plans!


Something that we have really been looking forward to, after a busy year, is our annual leave! We will be leaving on Monday 5th December for the USA to do a range of different things.

Our trip is dual-purpose: work and play. We will be visiting some of our financial ministry partners

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Donaldson Download – November

Going into this year we knew it was going to be a big one! Work wise, Nicolle’s campus team went from 5 people down to 2 and Andy had been invited to be a part of many national leadership roles/ conferences/input opportunities. We also took on the oversight of our young adults community at our church, Ashgrove Baptist Church, which has included new roles like preaching, pastoral care and vision casting. In our personal lives, Nicolle has had some ongoing health concerns

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Mission Minute: May Update

We recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary and were excited to look back at the year that had been. We’ve had some great times of joy, some significant times of sadness and some times where we’ve felt overwhelmed by everything we’ve had going on, but God has stayed faithful throughout it all. How have you seen God’s faithfulness recently?

“Do you want my old ipad?” Nicolle’s brother, Marcus, casually said as we were back in Sydney over the Christmas break. “I guess we could probably use it on campus sometimes” we thought, and gratefully took it. A week later we were at our national missionary conference and Nicolle was challenged to participate in an on- campus trial using an evangelism tool called ‘The Parting Gift’, a short Jilm developed by our Jilm strategy in Melbourne. Knowing that she now had a handy iPad, she agreed. Fast forward 4 weeks and Nicolle was trying to reach her goal of using The Parting Gift 20 times by the end of March. Out on a usual hour of evangelism with her team leader, Taryn, Nicolle approached a young Australian girl named Olivia to share The Parting Gift.

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