Kylie’s August update

Spring is on the way- my favourite time of year! It’s beautiful as the icy mornings are getting less cold.

I have an unexpectant opportunity to go in September for two weeks to the UK to get some help in the creation of the counselling and pastoral care course. My boss Nat’s mother is an experienced counsellor and teacher and has offered to help Thuli and I in the writing of this course. I am excited to be able to get some help and to partner with her and the Christian counsellors she works for. Continue reading

Johannesburg Journey – April update

Dear friends and family,

Its been a good month! I had the privilege of my parents visiting which was so so special! We spent a week in the Drakensburg hiking, exploring and enjoying one another’s company. It was a delightful break which I enjoyed so much.

One thing I have been feeling lately is that I am very white. It seems that your skin colour matters and is the lens through which people make judgements about you.

It seems that after 24 years of Apartheid many people feel that there has been little change for the majority of people. I have noticed in the community and the circles that I move that the hurt, anger and frustration that has been brewing has bubbled to the surface and is starting to overflow. Sitting in these conversations I know that whilst I am not South African, I am white and therefore I am privileged. This means I have access to education, health and options. Continue reading

March Prayer Update

Hello from cold and rainy Johannesburg. Summer is officially over and Autumn has come. What a few months it has been! I feel like it has been exciting and exhausting at the same time.

Praise Points

* The students at JBC are so engaged and excited. Its been a joy to teach and get along side them.
* Homelife has settled down and my housemate Mpho is staying on.
* My parents arrive for a visit in a week! I am excited!!!! Continue reading

Jozi Journey – February

Dear Friends,

The year started with a bang as JBC had our ‘training of the trainer’s conference’ with brothers and sisters from all over Africa. It was wonderful time coming together for a week of learning, singing, praying and growing together. I enjoyed having three ladies stay with me from Zimbabwe and Malawi. The conference reminded me of the book of Revelation where people from all nations will worshipping God together. It was a nice taste of what will happen in the future.  Continue reading

Johannesburg Update

Friend and Family,

It’s hard to believe its been over 3 month since I have been in Australia. Life here has settled down into a new normal. I’ve finished my first term at JBC and survived.

My prayers have been answered as Mpho my housemate has moved in! She is everything I was praying for: fun, my age, Godly and clean. It will take time to get used to one another because we are VERY different.

Continue reading

Finding a home among the homeless by Anne Lim

The despair and grief of ministering to homeless youth almost overwhelmed Kylie Zietsch when she first went to Johannesburg ten years ago.

The young teacher who had grown up in the safe, monocultural surrounds of Sydney’s Sutherland Shire was deeply affected by the plight of the AIDS orphans she met on the streets of the South African metropolis.

“It was such a weird thing, stepping into this world which was so different from my own. Initially I felt really overwhelmed,” she says.

“A lot of the children have lost both parents to AIDS, so I’d be meeting kids who are 12 and they’d be crying with  me, telling me their stories and how they miss their mum, and yet at the same time I knew that some of them were quite violent to other kids on the street.  Continue reading