Millars News – July

Hi Guys,

It seems like just the other day that we emailed about 180 opening and yet it was a few months ago. Although there is a brief rundown in the update I thought I could share more details with you. Feel free to share this with others it’s just hard to keep the update short and sweet.

It has been a crazy few months with exams for Reid and Tyler, planning and running a Pioneers Conference for Spain and Portugal as well as the end of year activities in the academy. We are relieved that we can now slow down a little. We had a trip to the UK which was wonderful. We spent 4 days in Wales with Lindsey at her parents’ house which was a real blessing, attended a family wedding and also completed a Pioneers security training course that was made mandatory for all PI workers. Although it was more relevant to people working in more volatile countries it was good to do some first aid and self-defence exercises. Unfortunately, Tyler couldn’t come as she had some re-sits.

Reid and Tyler have both got summer jobs, Tyler is working in a cafe called Raw Coco and Reid in a restaurant called El Palacio as a waiter. We are super proud of them to be breaking the mould as their friends all think they are crazy… it’s not the norm. We hope we can still make the most of the time together as a family in between shifts.

Reid is in the throws of deciding what to do come September. Although he got great marks in both the Spanish system and the IB he didn’t get into the course he wanted to. He was really disappointed but is amazing how he can move on and look to other options. Straight away he looked at Sydney uni cut off marks and realised that he can get into most courses with his IB results. That as reignited his thought of returning to Australia to study. I feel so nervous about that idea, I’m not really ready for that to happen so please pray as we work through the options together. He did get into IT Engineering but Maths was his first choice.

I hope you are all well and we’d love to hear any news.

Love to you all

Leana and the gang


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180° Opening

We have just uploaded this video to YouTube and thought that maybe you’d love to see it.
We have open doors this coming Friday and Saturday and our first activityon the 4th of May.
We are so excited knowing that this is all happening and want St John’s to really celebrate with us and pray with us as the doors open!
The first images in the video are from 6 years ago when we began activities and then shows the building work that has been undertaken during the past 4 years.
Through it all we have seen God’s faithfulness and trust that his timing for this time is perfect.
Below is a youtube link and the open doors poster that we have been handing out!
Leana and Andrew

Millars Update – March 2018

Well, I decided that a new year needs a new look so I’ve changed our update format! 2018 is well and truely underway and we are super excited about this year.

180 DEGREES – Youth Centre
180 is waiting for the permissions from council to open, looking into insurances to take out and finishing off the final touches…including the BIG clean! We are meeting there every Friday night (photo below) as a team as we prepare for the opening…

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Millars in March

A new year…and it’s March already! I don’t know if it’s just me but time is flying by.  I don’t seem to be able to keep up with it sometimes.  There is so much to share but only one page to fit it all in, so here it goes!

180 DEGREES: It is hard to explain the ins and outs on every step forward. Imagine you are renovating your house, you have the money to do it yourself but with a full-time job and just windows of time it is going to be slow.  And imagine that then Continue reading

Millars prayer points – May 2016

  • Please pray for all these people who have all had open conversations with us about Jesus over the past months:
    Carmen C, Veronica, Domingo, Juan, Isaac, Juan Jesus, Carmen G, Shannon, Caprice
  • We want to continue to speak about Jesus and see him bring each of them to himself.
  • Please pray for revival. We have a real sense that God is moving here and stirring hearts. Pray that we will be in tune with God’s whispers and act on them. Pray that his Holy Spirit sweeps through this city.
  • Please pray for Tyler as she finishes school this month and sits her university entrance exams from the 1-3rd June. Pray that she will get into the course she wants. (Architecture)

The Millar’s Christmas Newsletter

Ten years…can you believe it? On the 30th of October we celebrated 10 years in Gijón and what a faithful God we can testify to. If only we could list His provisions, His timing, His testing and His control in all situations you would see that the God we serve is faithful. After 10 years the Millar family have been joined by Lindsey and the Griese family which is an amazing blessing. Lindsey has joined us already speaking Spanish and is involved in the academy and 180º. Jim and Ilma are learning the language and will seek what God has for them here. Please pray as we continue to build relationships with one another Continue reading