Ross and Lyndal update – July

Dear friends,

When was the last time your kid was excited over a potato? I got to go to a garden the other day with my friend Dolcy and her kids. I couldn’t help marvelling over Loren and her brother Manita being so excited when they spotted a ready to harvest yam. Telling their mum to keep out of it, they dug and dug, revealing numerous long skinny yams. Loren was already dreaming of roasting hers on Sunday night over the fire. Maybe we should get back to simple pleasures?  Continue reading

Webbs News – February

Dear friends,

Is February a time to look back or forward!? Christmas seems a long time ago, doesn’t it? Just for the record, we were thankful for the many opportunities we had on Epi to teach the true message of Christmas. Santa still appeared (seems he can find his way to anywhere!), but there was even a revelation for at least one guy that having a very scary, kid terrifying ‘Father Christmas’, doesn’t quite fit with the joy of Christ’s birth!

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Easily Pleased

Carrying on a tradition we used to do with our boys at the end of a year, Lyndal, Loui and I sat down with a cuppa and Christmas wafers and pondered what we had to be thankful for. It’s been another hard year for Loui on one front with his estranged wife pushing hard to rub out his hope for reconciliation. Life is rough. But God allowed us much too, for the other end of the balance. So we reminisced and heaped it on! Continue reading

Webbs October update

Dear friends,
We just want to send a quick note before we take off, yet again, on Monday.

Looking back … we had a good few months on Epi with lots of times with people; reading God’s Word, answering questions, teaching God’s Word. It was our first time to be with this community at the time of a death. So after old Tom passed away we spent a lot of time with his wider (very wide!) family talking, listening and eating! Ross was asked to share from the Bible right after his death and he tried reassure the mourners that they didn’t need to fear the spirits of the dead. Such ‘respect’ is so second nature

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Webbs update

Dear friends — for whom we are ever thankful for your ongoing prayers,

Thanks for praying for Eden and Esther, Paul and Beth’s twins born last month. They are home now and doing well though still in the ‘fragile’ stage!

We are thankful to God for more opportunities to talk/read with people about the clear distinction God makes between things of the world and things of His Kingdom. Following a couple of deaths in this village and another, the stories suggesting Satan’s control are plentiful! Please pray that God’s Spirit would show people what it means to truly be His child.

A week in Baki speaking land last week – but still no New Testament. Again we’d ask you to pray that God would help Robert to find time and inclination to complete the read through that we are waiting on.

We plan to head back to Vila on 1st September to lead another training workshop starting on 11th – we’d appreciate prayers for a smooth change of gears!

Love from Lyndal & Ross

Latest update from the Webbs

Dear friends,

We are so thankful for your prayers!

Many of you have probably heard that Paul and Beth gave birth to twins last week (14th) at 31 weeks and an emergency C section after ‘twin to twin’ syndrome was caught just in time! We thank God for preserving Eden and Esther’s lives. Please pray for the little girls – in NICU with a few ups and downs. And for Paul and Beth as they travel back and forth to the hospital each day and watch the ups and downs!
Ross started a little Bible reading group this week – unfortunately (doubly!) interrupted by a death in the village, but you could pray the few men who came will return and we can get through a good bit of Philippians in the next few weeks. [“A good bit” is relative… the first meeting saw us through the first two verses!]
The death gave rise to an opportunity for Ross to share about Satan’s thousands of years of decieving our friends into a fear of the spirits of the deceased. Please pray that his words from God’s Word will get some people thinking about their deeply rooted ‘beliefs’ on this front.
I (Lyndal) had a recurrence of cellulitis which was very stubborn but healed now. Please pray it won’t come back in a hurry!!
So many things(!), and we know there are many matters in your lives too – good, and tough.
Thankful that we can support each other,
Love Lyndal and Ross

Prayer for Webbs – July 2017

Prayer request from Lyndal Webb:
1. I (Lyndal) have had cellulitis – had to go to Vila for better antibiotics. I came back on Friday and would love prayer that it doesn’t recur. (I’ve had it 3 times in 12 months). So stubborn to antibiotics.
2. A bigger one! We’ve added to our grandchildren – Beth and Paul gave birth to twin girls on Friday night – 31 weeks and emergency C section as they had twin to twin syndrome where one twin takes too much and the other goes without.
Praise God the doctors caught it just in time!
Eden is doing well though a bit jaundiced now.
Eshter who had a very rough start is now breathing on her own (they both are) and doing OK. She is still swollen and red from her over consumption in the womb! Beth was discharged but the babies will be in NICU for at least 6 weeks. All quite a stressful time for them as you can imagine.
Please pray for the little girls to develop well and quickly and for Paul and Beth as they juggle all this with their work load.

Webbs update – June 2017

Dear Friends,

We wanted to say a quick hello before we take off for Epi where saying these sorts of ‘hellos’ to lots of people at once is a bit limited!  Our plan is to settle back into village life next week and then for the next couple of months do what we can to further encourage the Lewo speakers to really get stuck into their new New Testaments. There’s the local school kids, there’s the Girls’ Brigade group, there’s Sunday school, and church services, and family homes, and daily men’s chats under the ‘community tree’. All of them, and probably more, are potentials for reading, listening and learning from God’s Word together. We need wisdom to know how to best use our time – all those things I just listed could happen in one, or all of the 7 Lewo speaking villages. And then there’s the ‘youth’ – how is it best to connect with them? Thanks for praying for what at times feels like an overwhelming task.

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Thanks for your prayers…

Dear friends,
A quick report on the past week since we asked you to pray!
The week didn’t exactly go as planned… but it was good. It rained, organisation wasn’t quite together, and only 2 or the 10 people we expected turned up! However God had other plans for the course, I guess. The Christian community who was hosting the workshop was eager on the first day to “observe”. They turned out to be the participants. They were excellent – throwing themselves into all we had for them, including the pastor of the area who admitted that he was humbled and challenged by various things he learned, but kept on attending. We had elders, women’s leaders, a youth leader, Sunday school teachers and run of the mill parishioners turning up pretty consistently every day.
Loui and Epson excelled themselves too, giving us hope that before long they could do a week long course of that ilk by themselves. Beauty!
And the brooding volcano (Yassur) was awesome!
So thanks for praying,