Prayer request from Ross & Lyndal…

Lyndal and I are going to Tanna tomorrow morning with Loui and another ni-Vanuatu trainee trainer (Epson) to run a followup workshop for all the guys on Tanna who have been through the Trenem Tingting (Critical Thinking, Bible understanding) course in past years. Apart from it being a refresher, we hope that the course will be a test too of the material that we hope will become a stand-alone short course that the Trainers can run with on different islands.

Could you pray for logistics – they’ve been out of our hands… it will be a nice surprise to see everybody ready and rearing to go! Since we will working in a village (not ‘town’), it would be nice if the rain kept at bay too. God knows all our needs. He’s probably heard more of our wishes!

Also pray for the open minds and hearts of the men (seems there will be people turning up too, that have never done the initial courses). We hope to hit hard on some Bible themes during the week, not the least of which is how Scripture should impact our culture.

One more:  For the next 5 week, 3 Lewo speaking men will be working on the script for the “single narrator” version of the Jesus film. This is no mean task! It will then be checked by the community later next month when we arrive back on Epi.

Thanks for your interest and prayers,

Ross & Lyndal

New Testaments arrival in Lewo – 30 years in the making!

Videos to celebrate this event: 

March, 2017

Dear Friends,

Now that’s what I call a week or two! What could be more spectacular than the grand reception the New Testaments received a week prior to the dedication? The dedication itself, of course. The Lewo translation committee and community pulled out all stops, aided and abetted by the Lord himself who seemingly miraculously stopped the rain for the two days of guests and celebrations. Continue reading

Prayer for the Webbs

Dear praying friends,

Today we finish our time of training with Luwi, Epson, Norman and Joshua. It’s been a good few days of reading slowly through Philippians (well Chapter 1!),and reading another book about what the Bible says about the Spirit world and other things to prepare for the start of Trenem Tingting tomorrow. It’s been a great 3 days of discussion about serious things!

We’d appreciate your prayers for the 8 participants travelling from other islands; planes, trucks, boats – always good to see the whites of their eyes. Continue reading

News from the Webbs – December update

Dear friends,

It struck me the other day, that we’ve been blessed over the years by Christmases more than any other village experience. How could it be? Nothing profound except that the season in both our PNG translation years, and the past month here in Nikaura have given us the pleasure of exposure to the wonders of God’s rescue through Scripture in ways that don’t come so easily living in the rat-race. Our PNG village Christmases stood firmly on a week of morning and evening services from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve with progressive Scripture readings that moved from age old promises and ended with eager anticipation of the return of Jesus in the same way he went – but this time riding a white horse,  Continue reading

Invitation to the Lewo NT launch – 2 March 2017

Dear friends,


From our no frills internet location we are sending a no frills invitation to a big frill (and thrill!) event!


On 2nd March 2017,  the Lewo New Testament will be dedicated and launched in Nikaura village on Epi Island, Vanuatu.


The printed Books are already in Port Vila and the Megavoice units on their way.

God willing, there will be a big celebration here on 2nd March and we’d be happy if you’d like to join us!

Hmm, it’s hardly just down the road… Continue reading

Webbs sent the NT to print! 30 years in the making…

Hello friends,


Thanks for your countless prayers and assurances after we wrote a couple of weeks ago in some desperation. Well, wouldn’t you know, God answered yours and our prayers in a pretty nice way… yesterday I got to press the button and send the files for Lewo New Testament off into the blue for final checking before somebody sends them to the printer!


Wow! The guy who we were hanging on to give us the corrections came good with the final corrections on Friday morning Continue reading