Great News from Jo-Ann

Great news!! Praise God for answering our prayers for Mahin and her daughter Emma! They have been granted Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (5 year protection visas). After an eight year wait, they are refugees – no longer asylum seekers – a happy day for them! It brings with it many changes and some new challenges so Mahin will be glad of your ongoing prayers. Her asylum seeker benefit (SRSS) will cease and she will need to apply for a Centrelink benefit (which can take several weeks to be approved) and look for work. Continue reading

Johannesburg Journey – April update

Dear friends and family,

Its been a good month! I had the privilege of my parents visiting which was so so special! We spent a week in the Drakensburg hiking, exploring and enjoying one another’s company. It was a delightful break which I enjoyed so much.

One thing I have been feeling lately is that I am very white. It seems that your skin colour matters and is the lens through which people make judgements about you.

It seems that after 24 years of Apartheid many people feel that there has been little change for the majority of people. I have noticed in the community and the circles that I move that the hurt, anger and frustration that has been brewing has bubbled to the surface and is starting to overflow. Sitting in these conversations I know that whilst I am not South African, I am white and therefore I am privileged. This means I have access to education, health and options. Continue reading

180° Opening

We have just uploaded this video to YouTube and thought that maybe you’d love to see it.
We have open doors this coming Friday and Saturday and our first activityon the 4th of May.
We are so excited knowing that this is all happening and want St John’s to really celebrate with us and pray with us as the doors open!
The first images in the video are from 6 years ago when we began activities and then shows the building work that has been undertaken during the past 4 years.
Through it all we have seen God’s faithfulness and trust that his timing for this time is perfect.
Below is a youtube link and the open doors poster that we have been handing out!
Leana and Andrew

March Prayer Update

Hello from cold and rainy Johannesburg. Summer is officially over and Autumn has come. What a few months it has been! I feel like it has been exciting and exhausting at the same time.

Praise Points

* The students at JBC are so engaged and excited. Its been a joy to teach and get along side them.
* Homelife has settled down and my housemate Mpho is staying on.
* My parents arrive for a visit in a week! I am excited!!!! Continue reading

Donaldson Download – April


As you know, Joshua entered our family a few months ago. We had a very rough start with some significant feeding difficulties, lots of tears and being confronted with the reality of the overwhelming task of parenting, which nothing can prepare you for! Thank you for all the messages of encouragement. We are very happy to report that things are much better now. Joshua is a happy and content little boy, who is learning and growing at a very fast rate. He has already been on 6 plane rides, 2 work trips and has met a lot his friends and family. Continue reading

DJs Autumn Update

Firstly I would like to apologise for the length of time between my last email and this one. I have kept the following intentionally brief. If you would like to contact me please do.

In my last update I mentioned that Abigail and I were undergoing relationship counselling.

In April 2017 Abigail initiated a separation. She found a place to live and moved out in May. We are currently in family Continue reading

Berala update from Jo-Ann

Recently, I requested prayer for our church families who were detained on Nauru before being transferred to Australia. They are still facing uncertainty regarding their settlement process. It’s distressing for them not knowing in which country they will be living in six months or a year’s time from now, and when – or if – they will see their family members in Iran again. But they have been comforted and strengthened through your prayers. Continue reading

Ministry Update March 2018

It has been a busy start to the year at St James Berala, with lots of work taking place – including moving and repairing our demountable kids ministry building, making new concrete paths and installing a new kitchen and (soon) disability access ramp (with the help of a NSW Gov grant!). New student ministers have joined us, there’s been a wedding and a new baby, lots of visitors and some new church members. We’ve started having the Bible read on Sundays in a language other than English (rotating each week) in addition to English. Praise God!! Continue reading

Millars Update – March 2018

Well, I decided that a new year needs a new look so I’ve changed our update format! 2018 is well and truely underway and we are super excited about this year.

180 DEGREES – Youth Centre
180 is waiting for the permissions from council to open, looking into insurances to take out and finishing off the final touches…including the BIG clean! We are meeting there every Friday night (photo below) as a team as we prepare for the opening…

Continue reading

Jozi Journey – February

Dear Friends,

The year started with a bang as JBC had our ‘training of the trainer’s conference’ with brothers and sisters from all over Africa. It was wonderful time coming together for a week of learning, singing, praying and growing together. I enjoyed having three ladies stay with me from Zimbabwe and Malawi. The conference reminded me of the book of Revelation where people from all nations will worshipping God together. It was a nice taste of what will happen in the future.  Continue reading