Who doesn’t love a good Minecraft session?

I just started playing Minecraft.

At the moment I’m building a castle in flat-world creator mode.

People told me that Minecraft is strangely addictive, and I didn’t believe them.

But then I tried it myself…

After working toward my castle for a while I realised that Minecraft is strangely addictive – I just can’t figure out why?

Why do I keep coming back?


“The only problem is that, when I exit the mobile bedrock pocket edition, I’m left feeling like I have to deal with the messiness of life again.”


Maybe it’s the serenity of Minecraft – having a spacious and peaceful world I can enter to craft things that make me feel happier.

Maybe it’s the creative side – being able to create worlds unlocks the creative nature of our humanity.

Or maybe it’s both?

The only problem is that, when I exit the mobile bedrock pocket edition, I’m left feeling like I have to deal with the messiness of life again.

If only real life was as simple as building stuff with blocks or running away from fake pixelated zombies only to re-spawn.

Minecraft seems to offer an escape to an easier world, but Minecraft is also a delusion.

It’s just a game, I can’t really live there.

Eventually we have to come back to the real world, and eat human food, and go to our real jobs, or schools.

Maybe what Minecraft says about our essence is that humans long to escape to more peaceful places and also be creative.

Interestingly, the Bible also says these things.

For starters, Genesis 1:27 says:

 “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

This says that God made humans in his image, or likeness.

This means that, we have a similar nature to God in some ways.

Just like God made our world, we too are creative, and like building and changing worlds.

This is partly why God gave our world to humans in the first place, because he knew we had his creativity to enjoy building things in it.

The Bible also says that humans seek to escape and find rest.

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says:

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.“

Jesus aid this because he knew that life makes people tired and weary.

He wanted to promise them real and everlasting rest.

But Jesus shows us that his rest is much better than the escape and rest Minecraft offers.

Jesus promises those who believe in him an eternal rest after death in heaven with him.

Jesus also promises that he’s with us, helping us at every step.

The problem with finding our peace in Minecraft is that it might distract us from taking us Jesus’ offer.

Minecraft is only a taste of the potential for rest and creativity that Jesus promises to provide us forever.

He strongly encourages us not to miss out on it.

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