Youth at St John’s

Our Mission:

We exist to glorify God by introducing others to the gospel, growing them in their knowledge, understanding and love of God and equipping them with the tools to tell others. The focus of our ministry is to teach God’s word, the Bible since that is how God speaks to us. That’s why every week we read the Bible, and have it taught so that we might learn to listen to him, and not the other competing voices of the world. For in the Bible we meet Jesus and discover what is true about God, ourselves and the world that God has made.

We also seek to partner with parents to encourage and disciple teens and to teach them God’s word. We want all those under our care to feel safe and that’s why all our leaders complete a safe ministry course. 

Wildfire Youth Group 
Fridays 7-9pm during school terms

Yr7-12  | Church Hall | $3 to cover supper

Wildfire is a youth group that meets regularly on Friday night during school terms and consists of youth from many different schools.  Learning about God happens in community and so we have a great time along the way as we build real relationships, hang out, encourage each other, pray, participate in fun games & of course, eat together. 

We also encourage the youth to attend our 6pm church service to connect with our broader church community.  

Check out our Facebook page (Wildfire Youth Group), Instagram (shire_wildfire) or Email Us:

Sundays during 10am service

Yr6-10 | Church Office | free

Surge is a small group that meets regularly during school terms in a relaxed environment while the 10am service takes place. Our youth are more than welcome to stay in the main church service but we want to encourage them to come to Surge each week to be engaged, have fun, eat yummy food and most importantly be challenged by and learn from God’s word in an age appropriate way.

We also encourage the youth to attend our Friday night youth group Wildfire, to continue to grow in their knowledge, understanding and love of God.